Directional Control Valves

            + Solenoid Valves

                        NFPA D03 (SWH-G02)

                        NFPA D03-M (SWH-G02-M)

                        NFPA D05 (SWH-G03)

                        NFPA D05-M (SWH-G03-M)

                        NFPA D07 (SW-G04)

                        NFPA D08 (SW-G06)

                        NFPA D10 (SW-G10)

            + Manual Valves

                        NFPA D03 (HD-G02)

                        NFPA D05 (HD-G03)

                        NFPA D07 (HD-G04)

                        NFPA D08 (HD-G06)

            + Manual Valves Threaded Body

                        NPT Port Body (HD-T03, T06)

            + Check Valves

                        In-Line Check

                        Right Angle Check

                        P.O. Check


                        M02 SUBPLATE

                        M03 SUBPLATE

                        M04 SUBPLATE

                        M06 SUBPLATE

                        M10 SUBPLATE






Control the direction of a hydraulic cylinder or the rotation of a hydraulic motor.