Pressure Control Valves

Direct Acting Relief Valves
     Pilot Control RF-G01 (0.5 GPM Max.)
     Direct RF-G02 (4.2 GPM Max.)

Pilot Operated Relief Valves
     Standard RF-*04/06/10 (100 GPM Max.)
     Low Noise HRF-*04/06/10 (105.6 GPM Max.)

Solenoid Controlled Relief Valves
     Standard SRF-*04/06/10 (100 GPM Max.)
     Low Noise HSRF-*04/06/10 (105.6 GPM Max.)

Pressure Control
     Sequence, Unloading, Counterbalance, Relief:
     SV & SCV Series (66 GPM Max.)
     Pressure Reducing
     PRV & PRCV Series (66 GPM Max.)

     MF-02 (RF-G01/G02)
     MF-04/06/10 (RF, HRF, SRF, HSRF)
     SVM-03/06/10 (SV, SCV, PRV, PRCV)






Perform the functions of relieving, reducing, sequencing, unloading and counterbalancing